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Martin Hojsík is a Member of the European Parliament for Progressive Slovakia.

Martin Hojsík is one of the few Slovak politicians for whom the fight against the climate crisis is the highest priority. Since his election as a Member of the European Parliament in 2019, he has become one of the most prominent faces of Europe’s climate effort, with the prestigious Politico portal in 2020 calling him one of the 20 MEPs worth watching.

As the eleventh most active MEP in the European Parliament, he has been instrumental in pushing for pro-climate legislation packages such as Green Deal and Fit for 55, which aim to achieve climate neutrality in Europe and Slovakia by 2050 at the latest, promote green energy and innovation while ensuring a fair transition to a carbon-free economy. In Slovakia, he came up with a proposal to introduce a climate check, which directs money from polluters to protect the climate and cover the costs of a green and fair transition.

At the same time, Martin is actively involved in the protection of animals, the regulation of dangerous toxic substances and the promotion of safe and healthy food. It exercises its influence and expertise throughout Slovakia, actively fights against toxic pollution (eg PCBs in eastern Slovakia) and promotes biodiversity and the protection of bees and pollinators.

Since 2019, he has launched several successful petitions that contribute to positive change in Slovakia. Tens of thousands of people from all over Slovakia have signed up to his petitions promoting disconnection from Russian fossil fuels, stopping the biomass, decriminalizing marijuana, and banning dangerous fireworks.

Martin is a convinced liberal and progressive who at the same time actively works to ensure that everyone lives well in Slovakia, regardless of their origin, skin color, sexual orientation and gender identity or religious beliefs.

Martin is the Deputy Chairman of Progressive Slovakia.

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