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Michal Truban is a successful entrepreneur and investor in startups.

I am the Deputy Chairman of PS, an entrepreneur, and an athlete. When I was 18, I started WebSupport and set up a business. Then I worked for another 18 years to be a number one in the market, and then I sold it successfully. At the same time, I learned that the path to success is about overcoming failures. Valuable and lasting things are not built by geniuses who do not make mistakes, but by teachable perseveres who know how to learn from their own mistakes as well as from more successful ones.

I am in politics and in PS because I want to work for you. I want to help create a country in which we do not have to worry about the future but look at it as an opportunity. Slovakia can be a winner, not a victim, of a technological transformation from which it simply cannot be hidden. You can only prepare for it.

I want us to have schools, companies, and offices here that can be innovative and give everyone a chance to show what they can do. To have a state that gives people space and support so that they can be free and creative. All this because we can be the most free and creative when we are not indifferent to each other, and we can support each other. I want to work on it.

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