We are a political movement, which aims to offer progressive solutions to social problems and bring together people who want to enforce such social change.


Any effort to improve society and solve problems around us can not take place in a closed, distant groups. The community forum is an open space where we are discussing social issues, looking for ideas, arguments, solutions. We encourage you to join us.

Our values

Achieving the best results of our public sector in a unified Europe is not going to be easy. It requires not only technical competence, but also a change in attitude towards politics. Fear and convincing people that things cannot be done differently should belong among the rarely used political means. Read more


The most significant division of Slovak politics is happening along the lines of conservation of the status quo versus attempts to change it. We see progressive political powers that are pushing for a positive change, for a renaissance and a move forward, and powers that – despite all the rhetorical figures – prefer the current state of affairs.  Read more

Start right now

Lets find ideas and solutions to problems around us


We connect people who don’t want to look back any longer. They want to bring progressive solutions to problems without being motivated by profit or power. The desire to stay in Slovakia without remorse drives them.