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About us

We are a political movement that aims to offer progressive solutions for social issues and to connect people who seek to bring about such social change to our society.

The Executive Board of PS

The Executive Board of PS gives strategic direction to the political party and represents it externally.

Michal Šimečka


Lucia Plaváková

Chancellor and Deputy Chairwoman

Tomáš Valášek

Deputy Chairman

Martin Hojsík

Deputy Chairman

Michal Truban

Deputy Chairman

Irena Bihariová

Deputy Chairwoman

Jana Hanuliaková

Board Member

Zora Jaurová

Board Member

Beáta Jurík

Board Member and International Officer

Ingrid Kosová

Board Member

Simona Petrík

Board Member

Tamara Stohlová

Board Member

Dávid Dej

Board Member

Ondrej Prostredník

Board Member

Michal Sabo

Board Member

Ivan Štefunko

Board Member

Branislav Vančo

Board Member

Michal Wiezik

Board Member

Štefan Kišš

Board Member

Peter Koupil

Chairman of Republic Council

Our values

We want a modern and open country, in solidarity, that we can all be proud of. We want a country that has hope.


We believe that the world around us can always be improved - even in hard times. However, the people who care about change must come together. It is not enough for change to only affect one small fraction of society. Everyone should feel the move for the better. We have to motivate and support the more successful members of our society, while helping those who are being left behind.


We believe in individual freedom, which can best thrive in a liberal democracy. We believe in a society where we freely respect one another, and our rights are in harmony with the interests of everyone else. Only when we demonstrate empathy and solidarity towards the people around us can we create a free society.


We are all equal in all our rights. We, therefore, believe in the importance of protection of weaker members of our society - mainly those who are a minority and who are prohibited from fully exercising all their rights. We are all equal only when we can all live a dignified life and we can all become what we want to be.

Progressive Slovakia is a full member of the liberal party The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE).

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Progressive Slovakia is a full member of the liberal party The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE).

Manifesto for the European elections

As part of the campaign for the European Parliament Elections 2019, ALDE – in cooperation with member parties and partners across the European Union – has passed the Manifesto protecting our common political priorities on the European level.

Individual membership in ALDE

Members of Progressive Slovakia, who personally wish to be active on the European level can become individual members of ALDE.


Progressive Slovakia was created as a political movement whose main goal is to present progressive solutions to social problems and to connect the people who share this common vision.

Civic association Progressive Slovakia was established

The civic association Progressive Slovakia published its website, the names of its supporters, the members of the Board of Directors, as well as its digital platform for the discussion of Slovakia’s contemporary problems. The project – originally proposed by the businessman Ivan Štefunko – has been supported by others, such as the founder of Websupport Michal Truban, attorney Radovan Pala, or activist Martin Dubeci.

The collection of signatures began.

Michal Truban, a member of the preparatory committee, announced the beginning of the collection of signatures and the establishment of a political movement on this day at a nationwide meeting of volunteers from Progressive Slovakia in Žiar - a town in the western Tatras region. The collection of signatures was made possible by the community of progressive activists and an unconventional contact campaign.

Progressive Slovakia elected its presidency and approved a strategic document outlining its vision

The founding members of Progressive Slovakia elected the first original leadership of the movement on Saturday, January 20. Ivan Štefunko, who was a part of Progressive Slovakia from the very beginning and combines the experience of an entrepreneur and an activist, became the Chairman. Zuzana Čaputová, Irena Bihariová, Zora Jaurová, Michal Truban and Michal Šimečka were elected Vice-Chairwomen and Vice-Chairmen.

The candidate of Progressive Slovakia, Zuzana Čaputová, was elected President of the Slovak Republic

Zuzana Čaputová won the second round of the presidential election. Over 58 percent of voters gave her their votes, while her opponent Maroš Šefčovič received less than 42 percent of the votes. For the first time in its history, Slovakia is headed by a woman. Zuzana Čaputová took office on the 15th of June and officially became the fifth president of state since the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic in 1993.

The Coalition Progressive Slovakia-Together won the European Parliament elections

The coalition Progressive Slovakia (PS) - Together (Spolu) won the elections to the European Parliament, with 20.11 % of the votes. Michal Šimečka and Martin Hojsík (for PS) and Vladimír Bilčík and Michal Wiezik (for Spolu) became Members of the European Parliament for Slovakia.

The PS/Spolu coalition gained 6.96 % of the popular vote in the parliamentary elections.

The elections to the National Council in February 2020, ended in a striking failure for the coalition of Progressive Slovakia and Together as they received only 6.96 % of the vote, which due to the 7 percent threshold required for joining the National Council meant that they did not get into the Parliament. Due to this failure, Michal Truban resigned as party Chairman on March 2, 2020.

Irena Bihariová became the new leader of Progressive Slovakia.

Irena Bihariová has become the new leader of Progressive Slovakia. It was decided by the delegates of the Progressive Slovakia Convention. They were to choose between two candidates - Irena Bihariová, who received 105 votes, and Michal Truban, who got 100 votes. The convention also elected the new leadership of Progressive Slovakia. MEPs Michal Šimečka and Martin Hojsík, digital leader Michal Truban, and technology businessman Ivan Štefunko became new Vice-Chairmen, and cultural policy expert Zora Jaurová became Vice-Chairwoman.

New members joined our movement.

In April 2021, Tomáš Valášek, a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, joined the PS; in December of the same year, several former members of the Spolu party joined our movement, including MEP Martin Wiezik and environmentalist Tamara Stohlová. In January 2022, activist Michal Sabo also became a member of Progressive Slovakia and a reinforcement of our green team.

Michal Šimečka became the Chairman of the PS!

At the Congress 2022, the delegates elected a new Chairman of the movement. Michal Šimečka, Vice-President of the European Parliament, became a new Chairman, receiving 152 votes. The delegates also elected the Executive Board of the movement. Lawyer and former Chairwoman Irena Bihariová became a Vice-Chairwoman, as well as the lawyer Lucia Plaváková. MEP Martin Hojsík, MP of the Slovak Republic Tomáš Valášek and digitization expert Michal Truban became Vice-Chairmen of the movement.

Local Branches


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