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Progressive Slovakia has introduced a draft bill on civil partnerships

Progressive Slovakia

Before the PRIDE Košice event, we presented the draft bill on civil partnerships to the public. It will be presented in parliament by our MP Tomáš Valášek.

"Despite Covid-19, our lives continue, as is the case with the LGBTI community. The pandemic has revealed the obstacles that its members face in the absence of legal protection for their relationships in Slovakia. It is no surprise that it is the party that has been presenting a liberal agenda with an emphasis on equality since its inception that comes up with a proposal that will help end discrimination against same-sex couples. It is worth emphasizing that we are bringing about a law that, even with the current composition of parliament, has a chance of being supported.

Slovakia has long ignored the situation of the couples concerned, and thus maintains the legal and social status quo, as a result of which (not only) same-sex couples are overlooked, discriminated against, and exposed to disproportionate and unjustified obstacles. The aim of our proposed legislation is to give all couples in Slovakia, who do not want or cannot marry, the opportunity of legal recognition of their union and thus improve their living and legal situation and position in society, including their children, "said PS President Irena Bihariová.

"The law brings legal protection and recognition to all couples who do not want or cannot enter into marriage. The only condition is having to be at least 18 years of age, so heterosexual couples will also be able to take advantage of the new bill. This is the case in France, where 95,74 % of cases of civil partnership are entered into by heterosexual couples, and the remaining incomplete 5 % is couples of the same sex, who already have access to marriage rights in their country. 

Adherence to the minimum standard of human rights in the EU is an important factor in the establishment of a life partnership institute in Slovakia. We are one of the last countries in the Union that lacks any legislation for same-sex couples. It is the absence of legal protection that then endangers children living in rainbow families.

Our bill includes the possibility of adopting a minor by a life partner or a parent's partner, as is the case with married persons. We also propose the creation of joint ownership for partners, of course with the possibility of its exclusion, or the often-discussed possibility to look into the partner's medical documentation, "said PS board member Lucia Plaváková.

"Several coalition MPs have declared their support for the community, but in Progressive Slovakia we think it is necessary to finally move from declarations to deeds regarding the topic. That is why I will be doing the rounds to all liberal-minded MPs to ask them for their support of our proposal. We trust that they will make the decision to support it, and that Slovakia will at least approach the standard of civilized countries, "concluded Tomáš Valášek, a board member of PS.

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In Košice, 28th of August 2021

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Progressive Slovakia has introduced a draft bill on civil partnerships

Progressive Slovakia

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