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The coronavirus pandemic represents a challenge for every country and finding a balance between the epidemiological measures and a well functioning economy is a complex task.

The three fundamental pillars

Progressive Slovakia stands on three pillars – ecological, liberal, and social.


A healthy environment is a human right. We must not turn a blind eye to the destruction of the earth by the constant plundering of the planet. Sustainable ways of life and environmental protection are not and cannot be just a 'hobby' for activists. Our lives, the lives of our families, and the future of future generations are at stake. It is therefore about time that environmental protection and the transition to sustainable economic and social behaviour became a priority. We must act before it is too late. Progressive Slovakia calls for a state of climate emergency to be declared and for our collective behaviour to be adapted accordingly.


We proudly stand up for the human rights of all citizens. Equal rights regardless of nationality, gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion are the key to a free and respectful life for everyone. Progressive Slovakia will always promote an open society that values diversity and defends the rights of minorities and disadvantaged groups. Universal Human Rights should belong to all citizens - whether they are patients, people in need, or same-sex couples.


We understand freedom not only as independence from external influences but as a real opportunity for every human being to live a dignified and fulfilling life, regardless of their background. True freedom is not just a matter of civil rights or material security. It is also shaped by the quality and availability of public services, the quality of social relationships, access to education, culture, and nature, a sense of belonging to a community, and a level of trust in society.


We want a country that has hope for the future.

This vision is a blueprint for Slovakia's future, built on a new modern economic model and a confident and stable place at the centre of Europe. In our vision, Slovakia will finally step out of the shadow of post-communism. From being a country that has only passively joined and struggled to keep up with others, being unsure of its identity and place in Europe, to becoming a country that has a new bright future.

More than 50 experts from all important fields collaborated on the document. It was discussed by over 200 participants at the professional Conceptual Conference, which took place in Bratislava in 2017. The first part of this extensive document outlines the trends that will affect Slovakia in the coming years, such as rapid technological progress or population aging. The second part sets priorities on which the plan for the future development of Slovakia should be based.

A Vision of One Country (full document)


We have a plan as to how to move our country forwards.

The objective of the "new politics" needs to be that of a general wellbeing of people living in Slovakia. For that reason, we will transform our education system so that it brings enjoyment, fulfilment and likelihood to succeed in the rapidly changing world. We will ensure high-quality healthcare during all stages of life, including the more difficult ones. Wellbeing is also determined by the environment we inhabit, by the air we breathe, by the water we drink. The new politics thus strives to protect the future of  nature and that of our planet.

Inherent to wellbeing are values of human dignity, freedom and equality. The "old politics" failed in this department too, and these values are yet again under threat. We will thus endeavour to do substantially more to guarantee the protection of rights, freedoms and dignity of each and every one of us. At the same time, we will not ignore another imperative need: the need to develop the cultures p of the majority and minority populations in Slovakia, as we recognise culture as being the guardian of both the present and the future.

Breaking Point (full document)


We came forth with solutions that help to better navigate the coronavirus crises.

The coronavirus pandemic represents a challenge for every country and finding a balance between the epidemiological measures and a well functioning economy is a complex task.

Progressive Slovakia firmly believes that unequivocal, clear and predictable communication regarding well-targeted measures, based on science, together with efficient, simple and generally applicable support-schemes for economically-affected population groups is the way to put these hard times behind us together. Accordingly, Progressive Slovakia extends  these coronavirus pandemic solutions to the Slovak government with the aim of improving the management of the crises.

50 Solutions (full document)


Take a look at the package of proposals we have prepared for young people in Slovakia.

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the lives of young people in Slovakia. It worsened their access to education, many of them lost their jobs, brought them social isolation and deprived them of the possibility of cultural and sports extracurricular activities. However, the current government has completely given up on these problems for young people. Therefore, together with my team, I prepared a package of 20 crisis measures that would quickly and easily help specifically young people in Slovakia. The measures are divided into four areas - education, employment, mental health and leisure. We will press the government to approve them for young people in Slovakia, and we look forward to your feedback.

Slovakia for young people (full document)


How do we imagine Slovakia in Progressive Slovakia until 2050?

Technological development is already being signed under the irreversibility of changes in the global economic system, in the institutional infrastructure of the state and the value frameworks of society. The pace of scientific and technological progress is much faster than the ability of states to regulate the effects. Whether the positives outweigh the negatives therefore depends to a large extent on whether states are able to focus in time on the preparation of tools that will be able to at least partially regulate ongoing processes.

Slovakia until 2050 (full document)

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