We want a modern country that—thanks to its supportive, open, and welcoming environment—is going to be the source of hope and pride for all citizens.


We believe that the world and the society we live in are capable of being improved under any circumstances—not only during stages of growth, but also during hard times. In order for this to be achieved, we need a substantial number of people who care about positive change.

Our society’s progress must be felt by everyone. Those in the front should feel motivated and encouraged by it; at the same time, progress must be a source of help for those in the back.


We believe in the freedom of the individual, expressed by the liberal-democratic social order. We imagine a society where free individuals create an environment of solidarity, and where the rights of individuals are balanced by the interests of the broader community.

The abilities to pursue the common good, and to strive for empathy are, in our view, important features of a free society.


We believe that the community is composed of individuals who share equal rights. That is why we deem it necessary to protect the weak, minorities, and the disadvantaged, so that these groups can exercise their rights.

The possibility of a life of dignity for everyone, and diversity of those who possess the same set of rights are the primary criteria of equality.


We believe in a society that guarantees to every individual access to knowledge and beauty.

The ability to explore the world around us, to think critically about it, and to appreciate its moments of harmony, are necessary conditions for the long-term growth of any community and its values.


Fair treatment of all members of the society, without exceptions, is an expression of the equality of rights.

We take immediate access to justice for everyone as the basic task of public authority. To ensure this, therefore, is the responsibility of those who are entrusted by the citizenry to exercise power and to care for the public goods.


We see economy as an instrument for the enhancement of society, not as the main goal of society’s existence.

This is why we consider it important to support free market to the extent that it produces balanced growth in the community. We endorse economic policies that both protect the human dignity of all people, and are sensitive to the need for environmental sustainability for future generations.


The key condition for the growth and progress of society is the quality and sustainability of its environment.

This environment is not only a physical space, but also a part of the framework of values and rights that we hold in common. Cultivation of the public space as a shared environment that is motivating, sustainable, and fair to everyone who inhabits it is, to us, an essential task of society.


We believe in strengthening modern, open, and efficient public democratic institutions. These institutions are the best means of formulating and protecting social values, and creating public goods.

The intelligent forms of regulations are an instrument for promoting equality of opportunity, protection of the weak and disadvantaged, and cultivation of the public space.


We believe that the borders of our country are not the borders of our values and responsibilities. We support integration and unifying efforts within Europe, as well strengthening ties with other countries which embody the liberal-democratic values.

Openness towards others is the best way of building our own identity around our common values and their successful promotion. We think that communication, cooperation, and solidarity with other nations are important instruments of peace and sustainable growth in our world.


We are convinced that our future, as individuals and as a society, depends on how ready are we for the challenges that it will bring.

Therefore, we believe in a diverse and open society. Only a society of this kind can produce new, valuable ideas, develop new solutions, and act promptly when faced with the challenges of an age of rapid societal, scientific, and technological evolution.

We believe that we intentionally create our future—not that it is simply given to us. We see a future that does not pose a threat to us, but presents us with opportunity.