Progressive Foreign Policy

Slovakia’s foreign policy got into a paradoxical situation: its importance for the country is rising dramatically, but our demands on it remain relatively low. At the time when the EU is fighting for the survival, we demand that Slovak politicians stop making unnecessary attacks on Brusselsand secure the most resources possible from the European Structural Funds. Facing a threat to the European and regional security, we would like slovak politicians to adhere to current commitments to our allies and not to switch sides. In a period of fast-paced global changes, we at most expect our political elite to defend the status quo.

Some politicians do not even meet this minimum standard of responsibility and rationality. We therefore ask ourselves, whether it is even appropriate to ask for more. Should we demand positive ideas, strategic depth, value-based attitudes, authentic language, and proactive approach to European and global challenges? Can we imagine a foreign and european policy that keeps the bigger picture in mind? Can we imagine a country that does not perceive the outside world exclusively through lenses of its national interests?

The following text is based on the belief that we are in a position to ask for these kinds of things. The text is not meant to cover all aspects of Slovak foreign policy: it does not talk about defense policy, NATO, bilateral relationships, economic diplomacy or policies of the EU sectors. Our goal is not to answer all questions or provide final solutions, but to bring new suggestions to the debate about a progressive foreign policy.